3 Helpful Tips When Dealing With Lead Paint For Homeowners


If you own an older home, a disaster that may be looming without you ever knowing it is lead paint. Such paint is toxic and can cause a host of health problems for your family. Make sure you deal with it correctly by observing the following protocol.

Control Dust 

The removal of lead paint often causes toxic dust to spread, making many areas in your home hazardous. That's why you need to take the necessary steps for controlling dust, such as wrapping your home with polyethylene plastic. This material is durable and creates a tight seal. After dust pores collect on the surface, you can simply throw it away.

You also need to remove rugs and mats in your home, as they tend to collect toxic pores during lead paint extraction. Keep all of your windows closed so that dust can't blow out, and be sure to relocate any pets and children so they don't inhale any toxins. 

Create a New Barrier 

If there are traces of lead paint in your property, a simple solution is creating a new barrier. This enclosure technique is one of the more affordable containment methods and it lets you give your home a makeover. Since paint is not removed at all during this method, you don't have to worry about you or your family getting contaminated or sick. 

There are several ways you can achieve a new barrier, such as setting up drywall, sheet rock, and wood paneling. Whatever new structures are added to your property, the seal must be tight enough to where dust can't get through. 

Hire Lead Paint Extraction Specialists

Dealing with lead paint is not a laughing matter, as serious illnesses could result if you perform the wrong step. That's why it's best to leave any lead paint extraction up to professionals, who are certified in dealing with such complex problems.

Professional contractors have various removal techniques that are backed by proven results, such as wire brushing and using liquid paint removers. Low-temperature heat guns can also be used to strip paint in an efficient and safe manner. Another affordable option your contractor might recommend is encapsulation, a process that creates a watertight bond that seals in lead paint. 

The safety of your family is of your utmost concern as a homeowner. Provide them with a peace of mind by taking the necessary precautions against lead-based paint.  Accidental exposure then won't be a factor. Contact a service, like Colfax Corporation, for more help.


4 January 2018

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