Are You Giving Your Living Room A New Look?


Do you enter your living room and think, Something's not making me happy here. Or, perhaps you pass by the living room and acknowledge, It's definitely time for a change! You might actually love the furniture you own, but you have come to the realization that it just needs a face lift. And, you might be thinking that the addition of new decorative pieces will make the room more attractive, too. From arranging for upholstery services for your furniture to shopping for one-of-a-kind decorative items, here are some ideas that might help you to give your living room a new look.

The Upholstery - Do you already like the style you previously chose for your sofa and occasional chairs? If so, you more than likely would rather keep that furniture than buy new pieces. Consider reupholstering the pieces you already like. Maybe the room as it is is a bit too ordinary for you. Think about the mood you want to establish when you choose your new upholstery fabric. For example, if you want something bold and dramatic, consider choosing a stripe pattern in bright colors for the sofa. Then choose something like a floral pattern that complements the colors in the striped fabric for an occasional chair. Another idea would be to choose one of the colors in the stripes for another chair. If you want something more subtle, consider choosing soft colors like pale yellow, soft blue, and delicate peach for the upholstery fabric. The service that does the upholstery will more than likely have great patterns from which you can make your choices. 

The Decor - Part of the face lift for your living room might be as simple as adding new decorative accent pieces. For example, if you want to establish an elegant mood in the living room, consider buying crystal lamps for your end tables. For a less formal look, consider bronze or pewter for the lamps. Consider buying new artwork, too. Do you love things found in nature? If so, consider framing things like pictures of beach scenes and wild animals for your living room walls. When you talk to the representative from the upholstery service, he or she might give you ideas on other decorative accents. For example, a large floor pillow to slip under your coffee table might be a great way to add color to the room while also giving you more seating space. 

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5 June 2018

Fixing Your House While Preserving The Artifacts

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