Common Methods Of Foundation Repair


Have you noticed uneven floors, cracks in the basement walls, or walls bowing in the upper level of your home? If so, these issues are probably due to a problem with your home's foundation. Being aware of the warning signs is vital so you can quickly determine whether foundation repair is necessary. Structural damage may not be immediately apparent, but being aware of even small, subtle warning signs, such as small cracks in the basement walls, can help you catch foundation problems before they worsen.

20 May 2019

Water Damage Cleanup Mistakes To Avoid


Whether you have experienced an underlying water leak, damaged water heater, or a flood related to the weather, cleaning up the water and the damage from the water in a safe, effective manner is imperative. Not only is proper cleanup important for your home, but it is also essential for keeping you and your family healthy. This guide will help you avoid a few water damage cleanup mistakes. Procrastinating One of the worst mistakes you can make is waiting to clean up the areas of your home damaged by water.

12 February 2019

Insights To Keep Your Apartment Home Free Of Mold And Mildew Issues


The home you live in, whether you are renting the property from a landlord or you bought it, should be maintained to keep it in good condition. This is for two purposes: to look after the property you are living in and renting, and to keep your home environment free of mold and other toxins. Here are some recommendations you can follow to keep your rental home clean and free of health problems and damage.

21 November 2018

Mold: What You Smell Versus What You Can't See


Mold is a funny thing. You often smell it before you see it. It is rare to see it before you smell it. However, if you see it before you smell it, it might indicate a much bigger problem. Here is what you should do if you can smell the mold but you cannot see it. It Is Lurking Somewhere Mold Is a suspicious thing. You know that it lurks in dark, wet places of your home.

5 October 2018

Reasons To Waterproof Your Basement


No matter whether you use your basement for storage, as a game room, or as an extra bedroom or living area, or you simply leave it empty and completely forget about it, you still need to make sure that you are taking care of the important things in the basement in order for you to prevent problems from occurring. The information that is offered to you below is going to give you some ideas of why something like basement waterproofing is so crucial:

5 September 2018

3 Reasons Why Beginners Should Invest In Sanding Tables


If you're new to working with wood, then you might be trying to get by with the bare minimum when it comes to tools and equipment. After all, if you aren't doing it professionally, then you might not be able to justify the cost of a lot of fancy tools. Plus, it takes time to accumulate tools and equipment for woodworking or anything else. However, there is one thing that you may want to invest in, even if you're just starting out with woodworking: a sanding table.

14 August 2018

How To Protect Your Crawlspace Against Moisture And Water Damage


Summer means plenty of outdoor activities and family vacations. It also means torrential rainstorms, especially if you live in a wet region of the country. If you have a crawlspace under your home, each torrential rainstorm is a potential for flooding that can devastate your home. That's why it's so important that you take steps to protect your crawlspace from the threat of flooding. Here are just a few important steps you can take to safeguard your crawlspace against flooding and water damage.

7 July 2018

Are You Giving Your Living Room A New Look?


Do you enter your living room and think, Something's not making me happy here. Or, perhaps you pass by the living room and acknowledge, It's definitely time for a change! You might actually love the furniture you own, but you have come to the realization that it just needs a face lift. And, you might be thinking that the addition of new decorative pieces will make the room more attractive, too. From arranging for upholstery services for your furniture to shopping for one-of-a-kind decorative items, here are some ideas that might help you to give your living room a new look.

5 June 2018

Ankle-Deep In Water? What To Do When Your Home Is Flooded


There's nothing worse than dealing with a flooded home. If you've come discovered that your home is underwater, you'll need to act fast to get the situation under control. Water damage can get out of control quite quickly, especially once mold begins to grow. If you're not sure what to do about the situation, here are three steps that will help get you started. Make the Necessary Calls If your home is underwater, you're going to need plenty of help.

2 May 2018

3 Tips For Dealing With Natural Disasters And Rebuilding Your Home


When natural disasters cause severe damage to your home, it is likely that there is doing to be more than just water damage restoration needed. You will probably need to deal with demolition, contamination and rebuilding your home to meet modern building codes and prevent future problems. Here are some tips to help deal with natural disasters and start rebuilding your home: 1. Demolish of Materials Promptly to Prevent Damage from Getting Worse

9 April 2018