A Quick Guide To Planning For Future Repairs To Your Condominium


If you live in a condo or will be buying one in the near future, it's important to be aware of when you will or will not be financially responsible for repairs to your home. For instance, you're likely to find that the homeowner's association to whom you pay monthly or yearly fees will only pay to replace or repair damaged or malfunctioning items that are shared with other units. You will usually get the bill when the damage manifests within your home.

14 March 2017

What Can You Do About A Woodpecker Problem?


Woodpeckers are more than just Saturday morning cartoon figures. They can cause considerable damage to your home by drilling holes into the wood siding and shingles. They can even store food supplies in those holes, which can attract other creatures and lead to even more damage. If you have a woodpecker problem, here are some remedies you can try.   Apply Sticky Repellents In areas that are frequented by the woodpeckers, you can apply sticky repellents to the surface.

7 March 2017